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Five Things to Know When Moving Your Small Business Office

When you first opened for business, you probably took the office space you could afford. Once you build the business up and hire staff, that original office starts feeling cramped. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking moving to a new office will be easy. There are some things to keep in mind.

You May Pay More than You Expect for Tech Infrastructure

Just because a space is big enough, it doesn’t mean it’s ready to support your business. Say that you’re moving into a repurposed warehouse. Sure, it might be wired for light and electrical outlets. That doesn’t mean it’s cabled to phones or internet access. Cabling a space to support a full-fledged office can prove very expensive.


Declutter Ahead of Time

Offices are like home in some ways. If you stay in the same office long enough, you accumulate clutter. Old computers, printers or routers end up in a closet. Outdated files and publications accumulate on shelves. Take an inventory six months ahead of time and identify what needs to go. Then, cull that clutter before moving day arrives. There is no value in moving useless stuff from one office into another.

Hire Pro Movers

If you’re moving to another office space in the same city, it’s tempting to try to move everything yourself. This is a bad idea. First of all, it drastically increases the odds that you or an employee will get hurt. Second of all, you can’t estimate how long it will actually take when you DIY your office move. Hire a professional moving company. Whether you’re moving in DC or transporting your office to downtown Dallas, moving professionals know how to move furniture safely. They can also offer a guaranteed delivery time.

Spring for the Moving Insurance

No matter how professional a moving company is, there’s always a chance that something will break during a move. Maybe it’ll be an office chair. Maybe they’ll drop a $10,000 rack server. The good news is that according to Cheap Movers DC, provider of affordable Alexandria moving company rates, professional moving companies offer you insurance options. At the bare minimum, pick the insurance option that covers damage to your property. Ask the mover to clarify the terms of the insurance if you aren’t sure.

Update Your Paperwork and Website

In all the chaos around a move, it’s easy to forget that all of your paperwork and website lists the old address. You’ll need a new letterhead and business cards. You’ll also need to update contact information on your website and file a change of address with the post office. Inform any vendors you use about the move at least a few weeks ahead of time. If you see clients in your offices, send an email to the new location to your entire client list.


Moving to a new office will always create some stress. You can take steps to minimize that stress. Budget with the expectation that you’ll need some tech infrastructure work done. Declutter your office before the move. Hire professional movers and get the insurance. Update all the paperwork and your website. Do all of that, and the move will go a lot smoother.

Eco-Friendly Moving Tips – Preserving Our Dallas Parks

Most people consider moving to be a time-consuming, costly and stressful undertaking. However, not many people think about the different ways of making the exercise more eco-friendly. It is possible to employ strategies to ensure that you protect the environment when moving house. This will require not only proper planning but also a sense of commitment. It will also be important to explain to everyone involved the importance of protecting the environment. Here are some eco-friendly moving tips that you can follow.

1. Donate some items

When making a move, it is common for most people to get rid of some of their stuff. This not only helps to keep you organized but also reduces the moving costs significantly. Rather than throwing away what you do not need, you should consider donating it. Items such as furniture, clothing and electronic appliances can adversely affect the environment if not disposed of properly. Donating them will be a great way to ensure that they are reused. Here’s a list of places to donate items in Dallas.

2. Green packing materials and techniques

Packing is one of the most critical steps when it comes to moving. These experts from cheap Plano movers advise that you go for green packing materials and techniques to minimize the impact of your activities on the environment. For instance, you should ensure that the packing materials are environment-friendly. It would also be important to limit the number of materials needed by using suitcases and laundry baskets to pack some of the items. Towels and bed sheets would play an important role when it comes to padding boxes.


3. Go for efficient transport

There are some steps you can take to make sure you use efficient transport. The moving company you choose should prioritize eco-friendly practices such as using recycled cardboard boxes, low-emission trucks and would offer the option of consolidated shipping for long-distance moves. Arlington TX movers say another measure you can take to protect Mother Nature would be to go for the right size truck. This will ensure that the truck is not too big as to consume more fuel or too small as to necessitate several trips.

4. Green cleaning products

Both when cleaning your old and new home, you should avoid cleaning products that contain harmful chemicals. Instead, you should consider using safe and natural cleaning products such as ammonia, baking soda, vinegar and table salt. This will reduce exposure to the harmful chemicals and leave your home with an environmentally- friendly sparkle.

5. Reuse and recycle

There are numerous household items that you can reuse and recycle in a bid to protect the environment. Instead of tossing them in the trash, you should take steps to ensure that batteries, paint cans, and electronic gadgets are recycled. Recycling details for various cities in the DFW can be found here:

6. New lifestyle in your new home

Once you settle in your new home, it would be important to continue the eco-friendly practices. Consider getting rid of clutter, utilizing solar panels, installing energy saving bulbs and cutting down on unnecessary junk.


Protecting the environment requires sustained effort. This is why you will need to continue with related strategies long after you have moved into your new home. It would also be important to teach your kids the importance of going green.

6 Reasons Why Everyone is Moving to Dallas

When people talk of Texas, Austin, the capital city, is always the first thing that gets talked about. But if you’re searching for a new city bubbling with energy and opportunities, consider Dallas. According to trusted sources, more than 80,000 people moved to Dallas last year, making it the number one moving destination in 2016. What’s so special about it? If you think you’ll want to settle down in the Big D for good, here are six reasons why everyone else is doing so.

1. Affordability

Dallas is among the most budget-friendly cities in the nation, and its cost of living is consistently less expensive than that of other major cities. Dallas residents are not subject to state and local taxes, and the sales tax, which does not apply to food, is only 8.25%. Housing, the biggest factor of cost of living, is quite affordable in Dallas, making home ownership feasible for many.

2. Climate

Dallas has a humid, temperate climate. The average annual Dallas temperature is a pleasant 64.3 degrees. Because it is in the south, Dallas does not experience all four seasons. Winters are mild, and generally snowless, while summers can be scorching. Dallas rainfall is on par with the national average of approximately 39 inches of precipitation per year, but the city also experiences plenty of sunshine about 234 days out of the year. The abundant sunshine gives residents plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy the city’s many beautiful parks.

3. Culture

Dallas is a multicultural city that suits any lifestyle. It has more to offer than just country songs and rodeos; in fact, the art, entertainment, food, and music industries of Dallas are quite diverse. Dallas boasts the Dallas Museum of Art, one of the largest art museums in America. Additionally, Reunion Tower allows locals and tourists to view the city’s skyline, which was voted the best in the world in 2014. It is no wonder that everyone is moving to Dallas.

4. Economy

When many people think of Dallas, they think of oil, but its oil supply is just one reason that Dallas is an economic giant. Many well-known businesses are expanding within and relocating to Dallas. According to this source, not only is the Dallas area the nation’s second-fastest growing metropolis, but it has also been in the top ten for years. The Dallas economy is booming, its businesses are thriving, and its population is rising!

5. Education

It should not surprise you that the Dallas school district is one of the largest school districts in the nation. Furthermore, one of its schools was ranked the #1 school in the nation in 2006. Dallas also has many institutes of higher learning, which entice people to move to the city. The University of Texas has many satellite branches in Dallas, and several private and prestigious universities are based in the city also.

6. Job Market

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 98,900 new jobs were recently added to the Dallas job market. On another bright note, its unemployment rate is below the national unemployment rate at only 3.9%, and job growth is projected to continue to rise by about 42%, which is higher than the national rate. If you are searching for a job, you do not want to miss out on Dallas’s outstanding job opportunities.

If you’re ready to make the leap and move to the Big D, be sure to enlist the help of a reputable moving company for your transition. There are many movers willing to help you out there, but some of them are just in it for the money. Make sure to do your research and ask the right questions to enjoy a seamless transition to your new place.


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