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Five Things to Know When Moving Your Small Business Office

When you first opened for business, you probably took the office space you could afford. Once you build the business up and hire staff, that original office starts feeling cramped. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking moving to a new office will be easy. There are some things to keep in mind.

You May Pay More than You Expect for Tech Infrastructure

Just because a space is big enough, it doesn’t mean it’s ready to support your business. Say that you’re moving into a repurposed warehouse. Sure, it might be wired for light and electrical outlets. That doesn’t mean it’s cabled to phones or internet access. Cabling a space to support a full-fledged office can prove very expensive.


Declutter Ahead of Time

Offices are like home in some ways. If you stay in the same office long enough, you accumulate clutter. Old computers, printers or routers end up in a closet. Outdated files and publications accumulate on shelves. Take an inventory six months ahead of time and identify what needs to go. Then, cull that clutter before moving day arrives. There is no value in moving useless stuff from one office into another.

Hire Pro Movers

If you’re moving to another office space in the same city, it’s tempting to try to move everything yourself. This is a bad idea. First of all, it drastically increases the odds that you or an employee will get hurt. Second of all, you can’t estimate how long it will actually take when you DIY your office move. Hire a professional moving company. Whether you’re moving in DC or transporting your office to downtown Dallas, moving professionals know how to move furniture safely. They can also offer a guaranteed delivery time.

Spring for the Moving Insurance

No matter how professional a moving company is, there’s always a chance that something will break during a move. Maybe it’ll be an office chair. Maybe they’ll drop a $10,000 rack server. The good news is that according to Cheap Movers DC, provider of affordable Alexandria moving company rates, professional moving companies offer you insurance options. At the bare minimum, pick the insurance option that covers damage to your property. Ask the mover to clarify the terms of the insurance if you aren’t sure.

Update Your Paperwork and Website

In all the chaos around a move, it’s easy to forget that all of your paperwork and website lists the old address. You’ll need a new letterhead and business cards. You’ll also need to update contact information on your website and file a change of address with the post office. Inform any vendors you use about the move at least a few weeks ahead of time. If you see clients in your offices, send an email to the new location to your entire client list.


Moving to a new office will always create some stress. You can take steps to minimize that stress. Budget with the expectation that you’ll need some tech infrastructure work done. Declutter your office before the move. Hire professional movers and get the insurance. Update all the paperwork and your website. Do all of that, and the move will go a lot smoother.

Five Things to Know When Moving Your Small Business Office

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